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06 March 2012 @ 11:04 am
Glee: S2 6, 7-12

49 Days: 1, 2-8
City Hunter: 1-12
Dream High:1-7, 10
Gloria: 24-25,26-29, 30-34
Midas: 1-2
My Princess: 7,8, 9-10
Queen of Reversals
Scent of a Woman: 5-6, 7-8
Secret Garden
Secret Lovers:1-5

Keizoku 2: Spec
Brother Beat: 1-4

How to Date an Otaku Girl

2AM - Saint O'Clock
DBSK - Keep Your Head Down
SMTOWN - Live in NYC (concert)
Super Junior M - Perfection (mini album)

Harmony 600

Zelda: Twilight Princess
Dance Central/Kinect
Final Fantasy XIII
08 November 2015 @ 09:22 pm

I started and liked the original (Twdrama, My Queen). I just didn't get the chance to finish it.

So while waiting for new episodes of the kdrama "She Was Pretty" I decided to check out Park Seo Joon's drama "Witch's Romance" based on the twdrama "My Queen."

I've checked it out when this aired, but because it was so similar, I just dropped it. But I picked it up again...

The Good:

  • The chemistry between the leads...it made it believable that they could over come a 14 year age gap.

  • Dong Ha (played by Seo Joon) - was so cute and adorable. I want a Dong Ha!

  • Ban Ji-Yeon's outfits were really interesting (there is one with a giant hole on the top)

  • Ban Ji-Yeon's mother. She's so sweet and caring. Her love story was interesting

The Bad:

  • Former love...I'm sure in real life, "Polar Bear" would be the best choice, but stability is often *yawn.* I found all scenes with the former love boring because that character was very boring.

  • Sometimes I really wonder how Ban Ji-Yeon got Dong Ha. She's such a bitch at times...

Halfway through, I almost gave up - because the polar bear killed it. It was only because I was watching this with a friend that I finish it. I wish the plot moved quicker...maybe if this was 12 episodes instead of 16, it would be a lot tighter.
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05 July 2015 @ 11:03 pm


So many feelings...

Bolero has always been one of my favourite DB5K song. THSK released many wonderful ballads... one of the most shameful thing that was caused by the break up is... i can't expect people to cover their songs
1) they're in Japanese. 2) not many groups can pull off a THSK ballad.

So when i saw this in my LJ feed i immediately clicked on it. I never thought I'd see this performance again. Nevermind that my favourite singer, Kyuhyun was in it...
And wow. They blew me away.
I cant even remember who sang which parts of the orginal  anymore... it was good and felt natural. Changmin nailed the climax ( micky's part). Changmin looked really into it 😃
This performance made me tear up. I miss the 5, but this was good.
I wonder if KRY could pull it off... probably. I can imagine Ryeo singing Changmin's part, Yesung singing Yunho/Micky/Junsu parts. Kyuhyun singing Junsu/JJ parts.

01 June 2015 @ 08:53 pm

OK fine. I admit, they're not untouchable.

I was...searching Youtube the other day..and found Love in Ice by Speed

Love in Ice (original)- THSK:

Love In Ice - Speed (cover)

WOW. the harmonization is better than DBSK?? (oh I just rewatched DBSK. they turned JJ's lines to a harmonization.. aww what a nice twist)
I like the blonde guy (such smooth vocals) and the guy to the left of the blonde guy (amazing falsetto here. Way more control than Micky).

The rap was a weird addition, but that's because I'm not used to it. Why does this song even need a rap break? The rapping skills were decent though. It didn't sound like SM rapping :D

I read about DGNA in one of the comments and searched for their performance. They're pretty good as well

Again I like the blonde ones (this guy and this guy). I can tell these guys liked the song. Aww probably grew up listening to TVXQ. I thought the in the corner wasn't a singer, but then he opened his mouth. haha. He looke bored mostly. :P Didn't get many lines but he's good too.

OK not all covers of this song was that great:

These guys need to work a bit harder on the harmonization...

I also saw this version of Love in Ice, by Homin (1/2 of the original DB5K line up - the current TVXQ):

:( I never thought I'd see Yunho sing that well. He's one of the weaker singers of DB5K, and barely had any lines in the original. So glad they pulled it off...

But I think Junsu really owned this song in the original. He was the reason why it was so awesome. I loved his exchange with Jae Joong <3.
So I wasn't surprised, even as a soloist he sang it so well:

So GOOD. His talents are so wasted being black listed in the SK broadcasting companies :(

I miss JJ's voice too :( So emotional here too :(.

WOW THIS has GOT to be the best cover....from a talent show (?) Super K6?

The harmony....These kids are so talented! I wish them luck :)

EDIT: WOW This youtube cover is really good.

The voice sounds really jpopy. It works :D
31 May 2015 @ 10:10 am

Originally I was going to blog about School 2013, Heirs, and Angry Mom first, but I need a post to capture my thoughts and predictions at the halfway point.

The main reason why I started this was because I really enjoyed School 2013 and I needed something to fill the void of Angry Mom. I wasn’t that terribly excited to learn that Sungjae was in it. Yes, I’m a fan of his vocals, but just his vocals (and his dorkiness). I mean if a guy can sing that well...he can’t possibly just be as good at acting, can he? When will he have the time to train? I’m wary of idol actors, especially their first few dramas. I was glad that the actress was a child actress though. Kim So-hyun – I’ve seen a couple of her dramas: Baker King, Moon Embracing the Sun, Rooftop Prince, I Can Hear Your Voice, The Girl Who Sees Smell. Since she mostly plays a younger version of the leads, I don’t quite remember her that well. But I remember her roles in Moon Embracing the Sun and The Girl Who Sees Smell (which I’m also watching right now).

Trusting the School brand, I decided to watch this drama.

I LOVE School 2013 because it was so different from a typical Kdrama. A splice of life - taking mundane everyday tasks and making it into a relatable drama. That's the opposite of what happened to School 2015. Amnesia, hidden identities, love triangles, evil bitch, etc...typical Kdrama tropes. Even though I loved School 2013 for its relatability, I like School 2015 for its craziness. Some people call it Heirs 2.0 - I wouldn't go that far.

This drama is resolves around a mystery – What happened to Eunbyul? It’s also about Eunbi finding her own identity.

*Spoilers ahead*

Eunbi is an orphan. She is a caring sister to her fellow orphans in her foster care, but the bullies at school pick on her. Eunbi tries to commit suicide, but was saved. She has amnesia and ends up switching places with Eunbyul, who disappears on the day the Eunbi tried to commit suicide.

Eunbyul is quite different from Eunbi. She has a mother. She’s popular, confident and although she isn’t a bully per se, she doesn’t seem to waste time on those that she deems beneath her.

The problem starts once Eunbi regains her memory, and realises she’s not Eunbyul…and finds a cremation pot (with Eunbi’s name on it) which could only mean that her sister has passed away.

But this is a part of the story that I don’t quite get. She tells Eunbyul’s mother…but Eunbyul’s mother tells Eunbi to take Eunbyul’s place?!!!
I can understand why Eunbi would do this. She tried to kill herself, which means that she just wanted to end her life. As Eunbyul, she has everything she wanted – friends and a family. I don't understand why doesn't Eunbyul's mother just adopt Eunbi instead of telling her to replace her daughter. There is no reason to ask a child to replace a dead one...Especially, legally it could have been resolved cleaner. Yesh.

Anyhow, Eunbi struggles to fill her sister’s shoes…but there are so many times I wanted Eunbi to spill the beans. Allow Eunbyul’s friends properly morn for Eunbyul. Eunbi and Eunbyul may look the same, but they’re very different people. Once Eunbyul’s friends discover what happened…I think Eunbi would need to transfer.

I am annoyed how she doesn't seem to think much about those she left behind, as Eunbi.

My favourite character would be Taekwang, played by Sungjae. Eunbyul ignored him…But to Eunbi, he’s a trusted confidante. Taekwong acts out and no one seems to like or respect him. He’s also been institutionalized many times, by his father, as to cover up for TaeKwang acting out. Anyways, even from the beginning, Eunbi and Taekwang had a very honest relationship. He was the first one who figured out Eunbi was not Eunbyul. He gives her space and supports her hroughout the drama. The unfortunate part of all this is…he’s the second lead. Supposedly. Based on the billing. He’s so sweet. It’s like Sam Dong from Dream High all over again. I’m having major second lead syndrome. I don’t think Sungjae is amazing in this role, but it is very suited for him…Taekwang is basically an exaggerated version of Sungjae (from what I gleem from the videos that I’ve seen him in). He’s a dork and so is Taekwang. J His character is much more interesting than the main male lead…No wonder 80% of the commenters from what I've read on Dramafever support the TaeKwang and Eunbi pairing.

The main male lead is Yi An, based on the drama billing. The issue I have paring up Yi An with Eunbi…is that Yi An is a child hood friend of Eunbyul. It has been obvious from the start that Yi An and Eunbyul has feelings for each other – they just never actually became bf/gf. Yi An’s also very sweet to Eunbi, but he thinks Eunbi is Eunbyul. Eunbi, never had such loyal friends before, can’t be help but is swayed by Yi An. I don’t think it’s love, but she’s hurt when Yi An rejects her. I think this is more because he’s been so loyal and nice to her and she values friends because she never had them in the past.

Since I supported Takwang/Eunbi pariing and having seen how sweet Yi An is towards Eunbyul (based on flashbacks), I really wished that Eunbyul was alive…this would make everything so tidy.

Then Ep. 10 happened

Just who is in the cremation pot????? They can’t have a funeral without a body. Was there really a body? But if there wasn’t any, why would they have a cremation pot…I'm thinking it's all a big misunderstanding.

I want to give a shout out to the actress who plays the Eunbi's bully. She's so awesome.

I expect great things from her in the future. She's very expressive - she's good at being manipulative...sly with an air of innocence, and vulnerablity (when her plans fail). Very good at getting under my nerves...

Another thing going for this show is the music. They picked really good ones for this drama. They're stuck in my head...

the lyrics "I wanna resest" is  perfect for this show. Eunbi's practially restting her life.

My favourite so far is:

I never really paid attention to Younha. But this song is so good :)

I just read that Jonghyun and Taemin will also be adding to the OST.
WOW :D I wish Sunjae would sing as well, but I think the Shinee members will be good. Based on the cover though...does this mean that Taekwang is the lead?? :D
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For the past month or so, I have been watching many high school based Korean dramas. I haven’t really watched any since avoiding Boys Over Flower. The Japanese does this quite well, and some of my favourites (Nobota Wo Produce, Dragon Zakura) are high school based.

This all started with a drama called “Detectives of Seonam Girls' High School.” The poster looked cute and I was hoping for something like the twdrama “Pi Li MIT” where a high school student solves mysteries.

"Detectives of Seonam Girls' High School" is definitely different from a typical kdrama. If anything, it is like a jdrama. Complete random events – each episode was rather episodic - strung together by an underlying mystery.

They covered dark themes – bullying, teenage pregnancy, suicide, etc…but somehow manages to keep every episode light. This too is reminiscent of jdramas. A bit on the preachy side at times.

I cringed at the creepy factor of the teacher. He’s a little too…involved with the lives of his student. Special solo after school sessions? Major red flags. Other than that, it was good.

The girls themselves – makes me wish for my high school days. They seem to have a blast solving mysteries. As for the acting, 3 out of the 5 actresses are decent (Jin Ji-hee, Kang Min-ah and Lee Min-ji). 2 actresses (Lee Hyeri and Stephanie Lee) still needs to refine their acting, but at least they didn’t get much air time.

I wish there was more depth in the story…being episodic is great (at least the stories don’t get stale) but it was also its downfall. The side characters didn’t seem to have much depth outside their initial story. We don’t hear from them afterwards. The last episode was just….weird. That didn’t help. I didn’t care for the overarching story. I think my favourite one was the teenage pregnancy one…

I wouldn’t say this drama is particularly memorable, but it was entertaining. I didn’t feel like it was a complete waste of time *cough* heirs*cough. I’d give it a 7/10.

After this series, I just had to watch another school based drama, and finally given how people kept mentioning how great it was, I watched School 2013. 
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09 May 2015 @ 09:44 pm
Sobs. My itunes randomly selected the Gospeller's version of Towani. I recall this performance

I miss the five....
I don't know why this is bringing tears to my eyes. It's not even their song. But it's so lovely..
31 December 2014 @ 11:39 am
 I wasn't into kpop as much as previously for a few reasons:

  1. Kpop was filled with idols that I don't know, that are now a lot younger than me.

  2. I went back to old school English music. When I went to the UK, I listened to Britpop (late 90s to early 2000s ie. S club, Spice Girls, Craid David)

  3. Since Demi Lavato's concert, I've been listening to her stuff and her opener's stuff (Christina Perri).

  4. When I was "doing research" for my Usher Concert - I listened to a bunch of his music. Usher is currently still on my ipod nano.

But I still managed to listen to a few tunes this year.

My Most Replayed Kpop Tunes of 2014

Taemin's Danger

I think I watched every one of his performances. It was powerful.
I love the chorus. But it was the performances that made me like this song. The style, the dance moves...reminds me of MJ. but that's not a bad thing.

Toheart's - Delicious.

This was a group comprised of Key from Shinee and Woohyun of Infinite. Woohyun is my favourite member of Infinite...I noticed his vocals ever since "The Chaser" so I was happy he was part of a subgroup. This was just a fun song. Key's vocals are pretty steady.

Super Junior M- 無所謂(My Love For You) trans: It Doesn't Matter
I already gushed about it here. I'm still counting it as kpop.

Super Junior - Midnight Blues
This was a jazzy song. I loved it. My favourite from that latest album. I had it as my ringtone until very recently.

Zhang Li Yin's - Set Me Free

I'm just going to call this kpop since it was a korean song. She just sounds so awesome in it. I like it more than the Korean Version.
I could hear Zhang Li Yin rein back her powerful voice...

Chen and Zhang Li Yin - Breath

I like this version the most...

Fly to the Sky - You You You

They sound amazing...I was anticipating this comeback.

Winner - Different

I love the beat...I wish they promoted this song instead.

Honourable Mentions (Only because I heard these songs just this past week, so I haven't played them much so far this year)

Erase by Hyolyn X Jooyoung

I love love this song. It was only relased very recently but they sound so smooth. Their voices fit so well together. Jooyoung huh...he has that voice that I love. Hyolyn sounds so distinct and sultry. I also really like listening to her voice.

Some - SoYouXJungGigo

Yeah where was I hiding all year? This was the hottest song of this year. It's cute. The only reason I gave this a chance was after watching Jooyoung and Hyolyn cover it on Sketchbook. To be honest, I prefer Jooyoung's vocals more. They have some fun stages with..Infinite's Sungkyu and BTOB's Sungjae (I kinda pitied Sungjae in that one) and with labelmates Hyolyn and Joonyoung.

Groups I'm looking forward to:

Big Byung

these guys are hilarious, comprised of BTOB's Sungjae, GOT7's Jackson, VIXX's N and Hyuk.  I watched it because of some comment at a post at a blog last week that pointed to this MV.

I recognized Jackson but I had to recheck if that was BTOB's Sungjae since I thought he was a vocalist, not a rapper. Turns out only Jackson out of these 4 is a rapper, but he's from Hong Kong (I didn't know that) so he's still at a disadvantage. haha. Then I watched the entire first season of "Hitmaker" (which only has 4 episodes which was about creating this group). I never watched "Roommates" but Jackson steals the limelight in "Hitmaker" so I'm tempted now to watch "Roommates". Now I'm on ep. 3 of Season 2. Now I'm noticing "N" from Vixx. Some of it must be scripted (like how can they pull 4 guys from a real idol band without the labels' permission) but it's still funny.
Jackson - seems so lost but sincere
Sungjae - funny. seems to really like this group. A lot of his suggestions make into the group/MV.
Hyuk - he's kinda quiet..and is long winded
N - egoistic. haha. He can't seem to pull off that tough image and becomes cute.

So because of this I'm checking out some VIXX stuff.

I'm impressed by this:

Then I checked out their latest song Error:

It seems to be like 2 people carry the song (Leo and Ken). I prefer Ken's vocals. Leo seems kinda cold too (watching some variety). But ..based on personality (haha ok. and looks) it's N for me.

I've also checked out the BTOB stuff:

wow...just vocally wow. They impress me. I thought Sungjae was my favourite. Then I hear everyone else sing. Then keep thinking "ooo that guy sounds good." It's like 2AM all over again. Lookswise it's the guy in the far left. I thought his voice was going to be weaker than everyone else, but then he pulled though. So he was holding back. Nice...

I found more songs:

this one was alright. hehe I like Sungjae simling here.

This song is ok:

So am I getting creeped out because the guys are getting younger and younger? yah. HAHA

Anyways to end this post I think I found the idols that are my favs of the group kinda look similar that it's creepy. I seem to have a type. Or preferred hair style?

UGH it's getting too creepy. A cradle robber...whatever. it's not like I'm going to actually meet them. haha
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05 January 2014 @ 08:42 am
I just read an article about someone making it on the shortlist of the people who want to to to Mars.

Apparently this is a project that is happening. They are sending people to Mars to colonize it:


Would you like to live on Mars?

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24 December 2013 @ 02:47 pm
I listened to less kpop this year. Well I tried. I'm back to English. Beyonce's my newest favourite artist. I'm now familiarizing myself with her older tracks (which were pretty epic in my opinion - Halo, If I were a boy).

Anyways 2013 was a disappointing year for kpop. It started out with a bang..then I lost interest until the last half/quarter of the year.
My favourite group, Super Junior was concentrating in Japan and were touring...so there wasn't much from them. Not that I cared too much about their last 2 albums.

Here are my favourites of this year:

13. 15& - Somebody
They should have debuted with this. This song was uplifting, and catchy. My favourite part was @ 1:38. Park Jimin shines here. Then Yerin takes over and it sounds awesome. This song showcases their vocals but it's not boring. The dance moves are easy to copy and I could see it becoming a trend - unfortunately it wasn't a huge hit this year.

12. Henry - Trap
Finally Henry is given his chance to shine. This song was awesome. It was very catchy and I like the beginning, with the piano intro. I'm not a huge fan of the gangsta look for Henry. He just looks too sweet for the fake tattoos. My favourite part is when Taemin from Shinee pops up @ 2:03. I like spotting him behind the scenes hiding behind the dancers and mysteriously popping up. Taemin can sing and he breathes life to the song. Unfortunately as much as I like this song, I'm not a fan of Henry's vocals. They're a bit on the nasal side. Kyuhyun sings a bit in the MV. He just looks tired whenever he performs, so I prefer the version with only Henry and Taemin.

11. BTOB - When I Was Your Man
This jazzy ballad was very easy to listen to it. The chorus is very soothing and I like the harmony. I like the beat of the song. There is just enough beat so it isn't boring. They have that obligatory weird rap break in a kpop song (2:48) ... I could live without it.

10. Shinee - Sleepless Night

Why I like this song: Jonghyun and Onew were holding it back and had very good control. Typically I find those two a bit harsh and overpowering. Here, their vocals are just perfect, especially Jonghyun (falsetto at 2:41 was awesome). Taemin - sounds wonderful (1:58). This is the song when I start noticing him vocally. I don't really care for the rap break @ 1:44. Just because there is a rapper in a group, it doesn't mean they should rap in every song. Why couldn't they just give him a line to sing (I actually like his vocals in Everybody).

9. EXO - Christmas Day
The breakout group this year is EXO. When I first heard this, it was my favourite song from the Christmas album. The chorus harmony reminds me of Boyz II Men. Then they started to perform this. I was shocked with what they're doing with their suspenders (cuz they always seemed so innocent to me). LOL. Who knew that suspenders can be sexy :P. This would probably have been higher, but this is a Christmas song. I also wish that they distributed the lines a bit better (gave more lines to the korean members in the korean version and more lines to the chinese members in the chinese version). Oh there's no rapping in this song, as it wouldn't have fit anyways.

8. CNBlue - I'm Sorry
Catchy and very energetic. Yonghwa rules this song. But I do love the break that Jonghyun gives at 2:45. The boys look very pretty during this promotion, which is always a plus :P.

7. Spica - Tonight
One of the most underrated groups in kpop. They have the vocal ability. I like how Boa highlights her vocal ability with a control yet powerful crescendo at 0:22. I also like the brunette @ 1:49. Her voice is very smoothing. The song is fun and catchy. Uplifting. The perfect summer song. I can picture myself on the highway with this song blasting in the car.

6. BTOB ft. Jun Hyung of B2ST - First Love
I saw this song in the drama "Monstar". I love it. The beats are addictive. My favourite part is Sungjae @ 0:56. His voice is smooth yet showcases emotions. I think he can do really well in ballads. I'm looking forward to their music. Chorus is good. I don't mind the rapping portions of this song. It works.

5. SISTAR19 - Gone Not Around Any Longer
Hyorin is one of the best singers of kpop for a reason... I love the quality of her voice. I just never really liked any Sistar songs. This duet was awesome. Soothing yet addictive. It's very seductive. I didn't quite get Bora's role in this song. This is another song that can function without a rapping portion.

4. Sunmi - 24 hours
LOVE this song. Sunmi was a former member of Wonder Girls and frankly I like this song over the latest Wonder Girls releases. Breathy and seductive with a beat. The dance was cool. She used her entire body to dance and it still sounded great. I could tell she worked hard on this release and I think it paid off.

3. Shinee - Everybody
Fun and addictive song, as expected from Shinee.  I like the chorus. They're one of the best performers of kpop and this choreography was very busy. There is a lot of movement yet their singing ability has not been compromised. It really shows why Shinee is one of the top groups of the kpop industry. In this song even Minho has some singing lines (@ 1:59). My favourite part is @ 3:04. Cool dancing configuration which matches the peak of the song. Wait..that is Taemin belting it?? The boy is getting better everyday. I like how it isn't just Jonghyun + Onew now. Shinee has improved since their debut.

2. EXO - Growl
This song was a hit for EXO this year. I'm so glad that it eclipsed Mama and Wolf. I wasn't a fan of their previous title tracks. RnB and simple. It doesn't sound like 3 completely different tunes thrown into one song (which was a trend that I dislike from SM songs lately - I Got a Boy, Wolf, Spy) .Because of the commercial success of the song, I hope that it will mean that EXO and maybe SM will release simpliar songs in the future - that doesn't sound like someone just threw 3 different scores of music on the floor and put them together as a song. The choreography was awesome. The MV was shot in one take which is cool. I like how it was calculated who got on and who got off. The lines were distributed between the EXO K and EXO M members. As much as I like to see the 12 in one song, I hope next year they'll split the group again. Chen's vocals over power everyone. It's distinct like Ryeowook from Suju. I just like a break from it in a song... Also I don't know how the other 8 feels being over shadowed by Chen, Baekhyun, and to some degree D.O and Luhan. Enough ranting. I love RnB and this is why this song is so high.

1. Super Junior M  Break Down.
Yes I'm including a "cpop" group as my number one song. Why? Because Break Down was very kpopy. It started off the year with a bang and I love it. All one had to do do was put Kyuhyun in it and it will be my number one song of the year. J/k.
It's addictive. It is my favourite Super Junior song in a LONG time. I didn't like Super Junior's last 2 albums. Heck I like Donghae and Eunhyuk tracks more than Super Junior albums as well. I love this performance. It's a mix of korean and mandarin version.