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bishieaddict's Journal

3 April
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This journal is for improving my writing. My former boss said that my writing needed improvement and I thought that the best method was to write something that I was interested in - Asian dramas. It also serves as a place to reflect upon the episode/dramas that I watch.

I really love stories. I'm a fan of all sorts of mediums - books, graphic novels, games, film and on the TV. Right now, my current obsession is Korean dramas (has been since 2005). I've neglected the American shows since I have discovered the ability to watch subbed Asian dramas on the internet. I love the fact that it's serial, that it all ends after a predetermined number of episodes. Quite unlike American shows, which tend to go on until the show starts to lose its spark (ratings slide) or leave you half hanging because the shows get cancelled (which is why I don't tend to watch shows in their first season).

I'm also a bit of a tech geek and love new technologies. Limited by financial and space constraints I can not buy everything I want; however I will whine and envy those that do have the latest gizmos and gadgets that I have been eyeing. (or brag and show off the newest toy that I have bought).

I listen to pop usually. Sometimes RnB. Right now, again, I am in a korean mood (since 2003, starting with Shinhwa). Idol groups are the fad now. I was into Fly to the Sky, Se7en, Rain, and DBSK at one point. Right now the flavour of the day is Super Junior. Brown Eyed Girls, Miss A, MBLAQ, 2PM and 2AM have been gaining my interest lately.